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The function of active power filter

2019-10-28 00:00:00

1. Filter out AC pulse current

It can effectively filter the pulse current of 2 ~ 25 times in the load alternating current, and then promote the high efficiency of the distribution network cleaning, considering the provisions of the national standard for the pulse current of the distribution network. This product implements self-adaptive tracking response, which can automatically retrieve the overall load change and the change of load pulse current composition and track response quickly. The 80us responds to the load change and keeps full tracking response for 20ms.

2. Improve system software imbalance

Active power filter can fully eliminate the system software imbalance caused by pulse current. Under the condition of equipment volume approval, it can deal with the negative and zero sequence unbalanced components of the system software according to the customer settings and deal with the reactive power appropriately. On the basis of ensuring the function of filtering pulse current, the unbalanced state of system software is effectively improved.

3. Restraining series resonance of power grid

No series resonance will occur with the power grid, and the series resonance of the power grid itself can be effectively restrained within its volume approval range. This is also the passive filter device can not guarantee.

4. Various maintenance functions

It has several maintenance functions such as over-current, over-current protection, under voltage, over temperature, common fault of power circuit, lightning stroke, etc. to ensure the optimal operation of equipment and power system, and can automatically exit from operation when the load is light, taking into account the economy of operation.

5. Full digital operation

With friendly human-machine interface, it is easy to operate and maintain. A kind of

6. Scalability

On the existing basis, it can expand its functions according to the market demand, for example, it can expand the detection and console with liquid crystal display, so that the staff can query the operation status of the equipment on the spot; under the condition that the communication network is unblocked, it can apply GPRS wireless communication technology, and expand to remote detection and even remote operation.


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